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Feedback that Works
A ½ day workshop to help managers and supervisors enhance the quality and impact of performance feedback

About the workshop

This half day workshop focuses on the critical skill of giving high quality feedback. It’s a vital skill for any manager interested in influencing the performance of others. Research shows high performance cultures thrive on lots of high quality, positively delivered feedback. It helps set the standard, lets people know how they’re doing and supports development.

It’s not easy to get right though. Feedback delivered well can positively shape performance; but delivered badly can demotivate or adversely affect relationships. In this workshop we’ll explore what makes the difference.

It's an opportunity to i) discuss the problems and practicalities of making feedback work and ii) refresh and sharpen your skills in giving feedback in ways that influence performance positively. During the workshop you will work with professional role play actors/coaches who will help demonstrate skills, and provide opportunities for high fidelity practice with personal feedback and coaching.

While for the most part the focus will be on the practical, everyday skills of saying thanks for a great job, giving that little nudge that says we’ve noticed or confronting a performance problem, they’ll also be scope to explore what to do when things get stuck and skills for more extended conversations about performance.

Workshop aims

This fast paced, practical and participative workshop aims to help you:

1 Identify best practice techniques for giving performance feedback
• why bother with feedback?
• your responsibilities for giving and passing on feedback
• when, where and how often to do it
• what to say and what not to say

2 Practice and refine your skills in giving performance feedback
• giving thanks, praise and recognition
• giving a nudge to say we’ve noticed
• confronting performance problems
• using feedback to recognise, motivate and promote learning

3 Discuss skills and techniques for handling resistance

Group size

Between 6-12 with a single tutor and three performance actors


The skills involved are best learnt through active practice so this will be a highly participative workshop. Everyone will have opportunitiesi to test and develop skills in delivering feedback with coaching and feedback. We aim to create an informal, engaging and supportive atmosphere where everyone can practice and improve.


½ day, typically 3½ hours am or pm

Indicative programme

The workshop runs in a coaching style and the programme may change to meet the needs and interests of participants on the day.

09.15   Registration and coffee

Welcome, aims, personal introductions, groundrules
» Today's workshop - aims and outline


Are you the weakest link?
Learn more about good practice and principles of feedback. Find out how much you know already, learn from the experience of others.
» A quiz on good practice in making feedback work
» Get up to date on how, why and where of making feedback work

10.30   Coffee

Skills refresher
Understand the critical skills needed to give feedback well.
» Back to basics refresher on delivering feedback skilfully
» Demonstration and discussion of good and bad practice
» Identifying critical behaviours that make a difference


Skills practice
Small group skills practice work on giving feedback. Practise giving feedback in four typical scenarios
» Saying thanks for a job well done
Giving a nudge to say we’ve noticed a drop-off
» Confronting a more serious problem
» Using feedback to promote development
With feedback and coaching from peers and tutors


Handling resistance
» What to do when things get stuck
» A technique for handling resistance  

12.50   Learning into action
» What will you do now?
13.00   Close

Please note

This is a sample programme for a half day workshop on making feedback work , typical of work we have successfully delivered. All our programmes are tailored to meet the needs and interests of client organisations and can incorporate elements from this or any other programme in our portfolio. Please call for further details.





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