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Essential Team Leadership
A 2 day workshop on the people aspects of leadership, for supervisors and team leaders

About the workshop

This is a very practical workshop designed to help you understand, practice, and develop some of the people skills needed to be effective in a team leadership role. The workshop aims to help you understand first hand the impact leadership behaviour has on indvidual and team performance, and then identify concrete actions you can take to create a high performing team with the people you lead day to day.

The programme focuses on developing skills and confidence in a number of areas of leadership behaviour known from research to contribute to high performance:
» Establishing clear expecations for goals, tasks, standards and procedures
» Setting clear and demanding standards
» Recognising achievements, progress and contribution
» Tackling performance problems effectively
» Giving people responsibility and supporting their development
» Encouraging collaborative behaviour within the team and with other teams.

Group size

Minimum group size 9; maximum 12 participants with a single tutor. Three performance actors/coaches are also involved in the delivery of some aspects of the programme.


The workshop is informal, practical and participative in nature. Through exercises, demonstrations and guided discussion you will explore and experience the impact leadership behaviour has on the performance of others. Brief presentations of relevant theory help make sense of the experience and there are plenty of opportunities to practice and develop your skills in a range of leadership situations.

There is a strong emphasis on sharing experience amongst peers while working with an experienced management development practitioner and professional actors who will help you practise your skills, give feedback on your effectiveness, and identify other things you could try. Everything discussed during the course remains confidential, providing a forum in which we hope you will feel free to discuss the issues that matter most to you and practice without consequences.

Programme objectives

The programme aims to help you enhance your skills and effectiveness as a team leader and your awareness of your own personal style and impact.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:
» Explain how leadership behaviour influences motivation and performance
» Describe key actions you can take to influence the climate of your team
» Report your MBTI best fit type and explain the implications of it for your work
» Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your own leadership style objectively
» Handle the people aspects of leadership with more confidence

You will also have practiced handling one or more of the following situations:
» Establishing clear performance expectations
» Giving constructive performance feedback
» Handling an emotionally charged situation
» Conducting a coaching conversation
» Leading a team to successful task completion

Pre-course work

To make best use of time available on the day, participants may be asked to complete some pre-course work including an assessment of their own leadership skills and reading a short article about team leadership.


2 days, typically 09.30 - 17.30

Indicative programme

The workshop runs in a coaching style and the programme may change to meet the needs and interests of participants on the day.

Day 1  
09.15   Registration and coffee

Welcome, aims, personal introductions, groundrules
» Your current challenges in team leadership
» Your goals for this workshop

10.00   The impact of leadership behaviour
» Experiencing first hand different leadership styles
» Understanding the impact of leader behaviour on performance
10.45   Coffee
11.00   Leadership behaviours and team climate
» review of experience and group performance
» theory of climate and influence of leadership behavioiurs
» critical behaviours for team leaders to influence climate
» transitioning and developing into the team leader role
12.30   Personal reflection
» Reviewing the climate of your work groups
» Reviewing your skills and identifying development needs
» Coaching discussion with a peer
13.00   Lunch
14.00   Leadership in action: leading the individual
» Small group work with skilled coaches/performance actors
» Participants will practice handling essential leaderships conversations
   » Establishing goals, tasks and expectations
   » Giving positive feedback
   » Confronting people with challenging feedback
   » Handling the unexpected/charged conversations
   » Coaching style conversations for growth
15.15   Tea
15.30   Further skills work
» Further small group skills work with plenary sessions
» Coaching and feedback from peers, actors and tutor
17.15   Review of the day  
17.30   Close

Day 2

Welcome back, review and look forward 

10.00   Understanding personal style and impact
» Introduction to the theory of personal type
» Completing the Myers Briggs Type Indicator
11.00   Coffee
11.15   The MBTI and leadership style
» Understanding your own type
» Practical exploration of implications of type
» Leadership style, working style and working relationships
13.00   Lunch
14.00   Leadership in action: leading the team
» Practical exercise in team leadership and building teams quickly
» Working in small groups of 4- 6
» 3 x 30 minute projects to complete
» Plan, do review cycle
» Practising team leadership with feedback to team leaders
15.45   Tea
16.00   Review
» Groups review performance and learning against goals
» Relevant team theory
» Brief presentations on key learning
17.00   Action planning, application, evaluation
17.30   Close

Please note

This is a sample programme for a two day essentials of team leadership workshop, typical of work we have successfully delivered. All our programmes are tailored to meet the needs and interests of client organisations and can incorporate elements from this or any other programme in our portfolio. Please call for further details.





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