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Talking About Performance
A 1 day workshop to help managers and supervisors enhance the quality of performance management dialogues

About the workshop

This one day workshop is a very practical and interactive session in which you will get opportunities to practice, test and develop some of the personal skills needed to create productive conversations about performance. While the programme is flexible and will adapt to meet the needs and interests of the group, it will take a particular look at skills and techniques for:
» Confronting people with challenging feedback
» Challenging resistance to unblock stalled conversations
» Handling charged conversations about performance issues
» Conducting coaching dialogues for growth

Group size

Usually 6-8 participants with a single tutor


You will work with a group of peers, an experienced management development practitioner and professional actors who will help you practise your skills, get some feedback on your effectiveness, and identify other things you could try. Everything discussed during the course will remain confidential, providing a forum in which we hope you will feel free to discuss the issues that matter most to you and practice without consequences.


1 day, typically 09.30 - 17.30

Indicative programme

The workshop runs in a coaching style and the programme may change to meet the needs and interests of participants on the day.

09.15   Registration and coffee
09.30   Welcome, aims, personal introductions, groundrules
» Your current challenges in performance management
» Your goals for today

Confronting people with feedback and challenging resistance
» Demonstration of different strategies and skills
» Identify skills and strategies that create productive outcomes
» Practice giving clear feedback yourself (and get some!)
» A 'naming' technique to help unblock stalled conversations
» Demonstration and practice at confronting resistance

11.30   Coffee
11.45   Handling charged conversations
» Dealing with scenarios of which you have no prior knowledge
» Practical work with actors
» Coaching and feedback from peers
13.00   Lunch
14.00   Coaching for performance
» Six helping strategies for coaching
» A non-directive coaching model - GROW
» Different coaching techniques and their applications
» Group work practising coaching skills, with feedback and coaching
15.45   Tea
16.00   Clinic - to address your needs and interests
17.00   Review and evaluation
» Review of learning and ideas on application
» Further learning opportunities
17.30   Close

Please note

This is a sample programme for a one day workshop on performance management dialogues, typical of work we have successfully delivered. All our programmes are tailored to meet the needs and interests of client organisations and can incorporate elements from this or any other programme in our portfolio. Please call for further details.





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