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Essential Coaching Skills
A 1 day workshop for managers in essential coaching skills

About the workshop

This one day workshop is about the practical skills of coaching people, skills that are invaluable to managers and leaders especially in times of change. Used well they help provide people with both the direction and support they need to interpret, make sense of and act within a changing environment or to initiate change themselves. Directive styles of coaching can help you provide people with direction, guiding them in how to master new skills, procedures and tasks. Participative, non-directive coaching can be an invaluable way of supporting people as they struggle to make sense of changes around them and decide for themselves how best they should respond. This workshop will help you develop your skills in using this coaching spectrum appropriately and effectively.

Group size

Usually 6-8 participants with a single tutor


Coaching skills are best learnt through practice and the workshop includes lots of opportunities to try out practical tips and techniques with support and supervision, some presentation and discussion of relevant theory, and group discussion to clarify concepts and explore application.

Programme objectives

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:
» explain what coaching is and is not
» describe how it can help support people through change
» choose simple coaching models to guide you when coaching other

You will be able to use a simple non-directive coaching model to help people:
» articulate meaningful goals
» explore and expand their understanding of their current situation
» generate and evaluate ideas for action
» mobilise themselves to take action.

You will also have:
» practised coaching others
» received constructive feedback on your performance as a coach
» first hand experience of being coached on a development issue of your own
» assessed your own coaching skills and repertoire
» identified ways you can apply coaching in your work.

Pre-course work

To make best use of limited time in the workshop, you will need to read a brief article on coaching in a changing environment and complete self assessment of your coaching skills and repertoire before attending.

Coaching is a practical skill best learnt by coaching real people on real issues. In this workshop we will use each other for coaching practice and will invite you to work with each other on real coaching agendas. You may wish to give this some thought in advance and come with an issue or agenda in mind. This can be something big or small, from your work or personal life. It should be something you are prepared to discuss, in confidence, with others on the workshop. It could be a skill you would like to develop, a situation or relationship you would like to improve, a problem or dilemma you would like to try and resolve, or a task which you would like to be able to do better. Whatever the issue, you could get some free coaching on it which we hope will help you make progress with it.


1 day, typically 09.30 - 17.30

Indicative programme

The workshop runs in a coaching style and the programme may change to meet the needs and interests of participants on the day.

09.15   Registration and coffee
09.30   Welcome, aims and personal introductions
» who's who, your experience and interest in coaching
» your coaching agenda and advice to your coach
10.00   What is coaching? What do coaches do?
» An initial practical coaching exercise
» What do coaches do to help others?
» Skills and characteristics of effective coaches
» How coaching supports people through change
11.00   Coffee
11.15   Coaching styles and their applications
» The range of coaching styles and their uses  
12.00   Using coaching to give directions
» Some directive coaching models and their applications
» Practical exercise to explore directive coaching skills
» Using directive coaching to enhance skills and confidence
13.00   Lunch
14.00   Non directive coaching to support people
» Identifying skilful ways to conduct non-directive coaching dialogues
» Demonstration of a powerful coaching model to create mobility
» Structuring conversations to move from issue to action
» Delivery and review of coaching sessions

The GROW model of coaching
» Understanding the sequence of questioning
» Exploring the impact of the questions "
» Sample GROW questions

15.00   Guided practice work
» practice in non-directive coaching with peer observation and feedback
» options: work with actors on scenarios, practice with peers on live issues
» practice use of GROW model or other non-directive skills
17.00   Review of learning and application
» Review of learning and ideas on application
» Further learning opportunities
17.30   Close

Please note

This is a sample programme for a one day participative coaching skills workshop, typical of work we have successfully delivered. All our programmes are tailored to meet the needs and interests of client organisations and can incorporate elements from this or any other programme in our portfolio. Please call for further details.





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