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A Brief Encounter
A ½ day workshop to help managers and supervisors enhance the quality of team briefings and meetings

About the workshop

Keeping your team informed and inspired is a critical leadership skill. Regular team briefings and meetings provide opportunities for leaders to act and be seen as leaders. They help share information, keep everyone on track, and build team identity. When done well, team briefing is enjoyable, informative and motivating for the team. When done poorly it bores, stifles and dispirits and is probably better not done at all! What makes the difference? The way the team leader handles it.

This half day workshop is designed to help you refresh and brush-up your skills in holding engaging and effective team briefing meetings. It will help you:
» get ideas for improving the quality and effectiveness of your briefing meetings
» build your skills and confidence as a briefer
» meet, discuss and compare practice with other team briefers

Group size

Usually 6-8 participants with a single tutor


The skills involved are best learnt through active practice so this will be a highly participative workshop. Everyone will be encouraged to have a go at delivering a mini-briefing session to others and will get some coaching on their performance. We aim to create an informal, engaging and supportive atmosphere where everyone can practice and improve.


½ day, typically 3½ hours am or pm

Indicative programme

The workshop runs in a coaching style and the programme may change to meet the needs and interests of participants on the day.

09.15   Registration and coffee

Welcome, aims, personal introductions, groundrules
» Today's workshop - aims and outline
» Your top tips, tricky moments, what you want


Are you the weakest link?
Learn more about best practice in handling team briefing meetings. Find out how much you know already, learn from the experience of others.
» A quiz on best practice in team briefing
» Sharing ideas on best practice


Feel the impact
Understand the critical skills needed to handle a briefing well. Experience the impact when they're missing. Think about your own skills, strengths and weaknesses.
» Live demonstrations of skilful and unskillful practice
» What's the effect? What are the critical things to get right?


11.00   Coffee
11.15   The medium is you
They say the medium is the message and the medium is you. An active workshop session to help you communicate with impact and confidence through effective use of your voice and body.
» Projecting confidence, gaining attention and interest
» Creative ideas to encourage participation and liven up meetings
11.45   Stand and deliver
A chance to practice delivering a brief then get some feedback and coaching to help you improve. We'll provide a structure and topic ideas; you can practice rapid preparation, getting your message across, and managing the group.
» Choose your level of challenge.
» Stand and deliver
» Personal feedback and coaching
12.50   Learning into action
» What will you do now?
13.00   Close

Please note

This is a sample programme for a half day workshop on briefing the team, typical of work we have successfully delivered. All our programmes are tailored to meet the needs and interests of client organisations and can incorporate elements from this or any other programme in our portfolio. Please call for further details.





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