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Trainer, Coach and Mentor Training

In today's organisations, many people find themselves training, coaching, mentoring or teaching others even if it's not their 'real' job. We help people develop the skills to do the trainer, coach, mentor, teacher or buddy part of their role with skill and confidence. These skills are at the heart of everything we do and we love nothing more than passing them on.

We're experienced in helping:
» professional trainers develop and refine the training skills they need day to day
» workplace experts develop the ability to pass their skills and knowledge on to others
» managers develop their ability to coach
» mentors and mentees understand and develop into their roles.

All our programmes are participative and tailored to meet organisational and participants needs. We can deliver anything from a two hour taster workshop to a six month modular development programme. Where appropriate we make use of professional role-players to provide challenging, hi-fidelity skills practice with personal feedback; peer-coaching to create live practice opportunities; and tailored practice scenarios to increase the realism of skills practice. This grounds the learning in practical experience, accelerates skills acquisition and enhances skills transfer. It also makes for a very participative, interesting and enjoyable learning experience.

You can get an idea of the range and scope of our work below or call us for more details or to discuss your requirement.

Training &
Facilitation Skills
Coaching Skills Mentoring Skills

We're experienced in helping:
» staff & supervisors improve the    effectiveness of their on-the-job training
» workplace experts develop the ability to
   pass skills and knowledge on to others
» professional trainers develop and refine
   the whole repertoire of training skills
» trainers, managers and leaders develop    skills & confidence in facilitating groups

Sample programmes:
» Workplace coaching: 1 day
» Delivering Effective Training: 2 days
» Train the 'Trainer': 3 days

We specialise in:
» introducing managers to essential skills,
   practices and rationale for coaching

building skills and technique in non-
   directive participative styles of coaching
» practice led events to build skills to    handle specific coaching situations
» extended programmes to build managers
   coaching skills over time

Sample programmes:
» Essential coaching skills: 1day
» Talking about performance: 1 day
» The manager as coach: 2 days
» Coaching Skills Development Programme

We've plenty of experience in:
» raising awareness of the practices,    benefits and pitfalls of mentoring
» advising on practicalities of designing
   and implementing mentoring schemes
delivering induction, briefing and basic
   skills events for mentors and mentees
» delivering skills workshops, coaching &    action learning to support active mentors

Sample programmes:
» Getting Involved in Mentoring: 1 day
» Modular Mentor Development Programme
» More outlines coming soon.





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