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Personal & Executive Coaching

My approach to coaching is person centred. The whole coaching process is driven by you. you set the agenda, tell us what help you want and we'll let you know what we can and can't do to help. And since every client and situation is refreshingly unique there is no typical coaching work!

In my coaching work I play many different roles at different times - coach, teacher, researcher, facilitator, expert, instructor, conscience, nag, prodder, depending on what is likely to be most helpful for you. Along with my coaching skills, I draw upon my professional training and experience in engineering management, consulting, human processes of change and outdoor education as well as my own life experiences to help you make progress with your agenda and achieve the goals we have agreed to work towards.

We can work on the phone, virtually or face to face as you prefer, usually committing to a number of sessions spaced at regular intervals. My aim in our coaching conversations is to work collaboratively with you to help you devise, commit to and take thoughtful and timely action to move towards your desired goals. I'll give you space to talk, listen carefully and non-judgmentally to what you have to say, offer my own insights into your situation, help you generate ideas for action, encourage and support you in experimenting, trying things and taking action so you can see what happens and so learn, develop and move on.

Our coaching service gives you confidential, one to one help to tackle professional or personal issues that are affecting your well-being or personal effectiveness. You can get an idea of some of the typical kinds of agendas we work to from the boxes below.

If you're interested in working with me then get in touch. Tell me what you're looking for, I'll tell you what I think I can offer and if it feels right to both of us then we'll give it a go. Fees vary according to our agreed way of working and the number of sessions committed to.

Problem Busting Getting to know me Goal Getting

Feeling stuck with a problem or situation? Don;t seem to be able to make progress? Not sure what to do? We can work together to find a way to get you unstuck, help you see things differently and take some action to get things moving.
» I need to get this project moving?
» I want to improve my teams teamwork
» I've got to introduce these changes
» I need to move my career on

Self awareness is a hallmark of maturity and essential for delivering emotionally intelligent leadership. I can help you get a clear sense of your needs, values, strengths and personal style to help you navigate through work and life.
» What is my leadership style?
» What is my personality type?
» What are my strengths & weaknesses?
» What are my core values?

Got some dreams you want to achieve and want some support? Not sure where to start? How about some help in clarifying your goals, spicing them up, getting motivated, making plans, getting started, reviewing progress, keeping going.
» Creating motivational goals
» Building realistic action &learning plans
» Overcoming blocks and barriers
» Problem busting & recognising success

Learning, changing, growing

Want to learn some new skills, develop yourself, become more effective? I can help you find ways to learn and grow in your everyday life. or through more formal means.
» Identify your learning style preferences and practices
» Strategies and resources for learning
» Personal coaching in areas of management, leadership,
   training, coaching, personal and interpersonal skill

Coaching Journeys

An unusual personal coaching service that takes place in the great outdoors. A powerful combination of inspirational settings, a skilled personal coach, time to talk things through, and a little outdoor activity. This is coaching on the move, on a country walk, climbing a mountain, biking down byways, or paddling a lake. Using the inspiration, perspective and energy that comes from being outside to support the coaching work.





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