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Management & Leadership Development

Organisational life relies upon people working with, for and through others. Managers, leaders and other organisational players need well honed management and leadership skills to be effective.

We specialise in developing the personal and interpersonal skills needed to work with and get results from others. Typical areas of focus include enhancing self awareness, understanding personal style and impact, presenting with impact, influencing, negotiating, coaching, team leadership, chairing and facilitation skills.

We design and deliver tailored programmes to enhance these critical skills, drawing upon a range of development approaches to suit your objectives and organisational needs. Common elements include group workshops, one-to-one coaching, psychometrics, 360 feedback, action learning, project based learning, e-learning. Our experience includes one off themed workshops, extended development programmes, modular programmes, blended approaches, graduate development, fast-track schemes, junior, middle and senior executive development.

The boxes below give a flavour of some of the different kinds of work we have designed and delivered. Call us for more details or to discuss your specific requirement.

Essential team leadership
Leading individuals & teams
Briefing the team
Making meetings work
Talking about performance
Constructive dialogue skills

Research has shown that leadership behaviour has great potential to influence the performance of individuals and teams. This workshop will help you understand first hand the impact your behaviour has on the performance of others, and help you identify concrete actions you can take to encourage high performance amongst those you lead day to day.

Keeping your team informed and inspired is a critical leadership skill. When done well, team briefings are enjoyable, informative and motivating for the team. When done poorly they bore, stifle and dispirit and are probably better not done at all! What makes the difference? The way the team leader handles it. How sharp are your team briefing skills?

Staff performance is in part shaped through conversations about performance. Get it right and motivation and performance can be boosted. Get it wrong and it can all head in the other direction. Managers and leaders need to be skilful at creating productive conversations about performance. This workshop will help you assess and develop your skills.

Coaching for Change
Supporting staff in transition
Feedback that Works
Making feedback work
Chairing & Facilitation Skills
Making meetings work

Coaching skills can be invaluable to managers and leaders in times of change. Used well they help provide people with both the direction and support they need to interpret, make sense of and act within a changing environment or to initiate change themselves. This workshop will help you develop your ability to use both directive and non-directive coaching skills to support people through change.

Giving high quality feedback is a vital skill for anyone interested in influencing the performance of others. It’s not easy to get right though. In this workshop we explore the theory and practice of using feedback positively when saying thanks for a great job, giving a nudge when things go wrong and in confronting more serious performance problems.

Many people see meetings are a necessary evil in organisational life. Run well they can be productive and motivating; run badly they can bore and frustrate. So, what makes the difference? The way the meeting is chaired and facilitated. Find out how to make your meetings work in this practical and participative workshop.









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